Monday, May 7, 2012

All Packed Up...

... and ready to go!!!

Rainbow charms will be in the post tomorrow so make sure you pop back and let me know what your going to create :-)


  1. How exciting. I am looking forward to their arrival :o) For the time being I am adding mine to my stash from a previous rainbow swap :o) Thanks for organising this one

  2. Yay mine arrived today, that reminds me. I must go tell my holidaying Mum we got them, and open it up! I love HSTs so you will probably find me making them with the charms. And I'm really liking the starflower block I'm seeing about the place, might make that.

  3. Erm and THANK YOU (Sorry, der forgot to say thanks!!) Promise to share pics when I get to it. Want to try and catch up on my craftsy bom and need to make an apron for a client but will probably get to it before the end of the month, I'd say.