Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thank You

Oh My Gosh! Thank you Mr Postman!!! 

He delivered a mighty big package this morning, and my husband was most upset that I got up all excited when the door bell rang, said I never get out of bed that fast normally... I'm sure you can all understand that one...

So please raise your glasses... "Here's to my growing fabric stash" *clink*

Designer:  Joel Dewberry
Manufacturer:  Free Spirit
Collection:  Heirloom

Manufacturer:  Blend Fabrics, LLC
Collection:  Babysaurus

Manufacturer:  Quilting Treasures
Collection:  Jardine

Manufacturer:  Kaufman
Collection:  Dessert Party

Tonga Batik Pink Lemonade 5'' Mini Treat

Manufacturer:  Andover
Collection:  Space

Cuddle Strip Quilt Kit For Kids with Pattern {Mocha & Blue}

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