Monday, April 30, 2012

Fat Quarter Swap

I need to build variety in my stash... and you do too... tell your hubby that I said so ;-) it's all good :-) I promise

How many times have you popped down to your local quilting store only to see the same fabrics... day in day out... this can put a little downer on your mojo, and sometimes those fabrics can take AGES to change to something new and exciting that gives you back your sewing mojo. Let's put an end to that and create our own mojo building event.

This event is going to have two parts.

Part One is a fabric swap. Go out and purchase quality quilting material that is BOTH black and white, I don't want black, I don't want white, it needs to be a black and white print combined. No other colours. Small to medium sized designs / patterns are best as they allow more range in finished products.  Purchase as many options as you like, you can purchase either pre cut fat quarters, or half yard of each fabric {0.46 metres} and cut it in half and create two fat quarters {minimum of 18" x 21" rectangles, as per Fat Quarter Shop} PLEASE do not purchase more than four fat quarters of each fabric you wish to swap, this is to ensure we get as much variety as possible, as someone else might also purchase that same fabric.

One FQ from everyone that joins us will be put aside for the "Hidden Stash" {I will collect these} If you send in 5 fat quarters you will receive 4 fat quarters back, if you send in 12 you will receive 11 back. 

The FQs will be put into a pile and then I'll split them between those that have joined in. I will try and send you different FQs from the ones you've sent in however this is not guaranteed due to the random nature that they will be split up.

Part Two, this is where you showcase your fabric stash and share what your going to make, and make it

A draw will be done six weeks after the FQ Swap has been received in your precious little hands, you'll gain one entry into the draw to win the "hidden stash" for each step you cross off the list

1. Showcase your new Fat Quarters
2. Share what you are planning on using them in
3. Create something with them
4. Complete all THREE steps

All entries will be added to then the winner will be selected at random. 

Samples {if in doubt please double check}

Q & A Section

What size is a fat quarter?
18" x 21" rectangles, as per Fat Quarter Shop however if your FQs are slightly bigger that is okay, but please note any that are smaller than this will be send back to you without being swapped.

How many in this swap?
This swap is open to anyone that is interested, the more who sign up the bigger the variety of fabrics you'll receive, this is also true of the number of FQs you send in. International Swappers are also welcome!

What Fabric?
Your fabric must be of high quality quilting material, fabric that you in turn would like to receive. It MUST be BLACK AND WHITE, not navy, not brown but BLACK and WHITE combined.

How much fabric is required?
Minimum FQ swap is two, however that means you will only get ONE FQ back, the limit will only be dictated by how much you wish to pay for postage. You can get 6 precut FQ's {with the cardboard inset} for under 250grams. 500g satchels from AUSPOST are $7.20

What about the selvedge?
Your more than welcome to leave these on {it helps when the new owner goes to use it} but please do not include it in the measurements.

How long is sign up?
Sign up is possible right until the fabric is required to be sent. Please pop your FQs into the post by the 15th June 2012, received by me at the latest by 22nd June 2012

When will I get them back?
I will put them back in the post within a week. 

I am happy for everyone to pay postage directly to me and I will send them all via a plastic satchel {Parcel Post}, or you can send me a pre paid postage option for return post. 500g is $6.20 for Click and Send {registered post}

If I don't follow the rules what happens?
If your fabric arrives AFTER the 22nd June 2012 you will receive your fabric back without it being swapped.
If your fabric arrives and it is not quilting material you will receive your fabric back without it being swapped.
If your fabric is not black and white you will receive your fabric back without it being swapped.

Do you have a swap button?
Yes I do, please feel free to share it on your blog ~ URL for image is ~


Don't you just LOVE giveaways, not only is it a great chance to get a freebie... but also more often than not you are made away of some awesome product, page or service that you weren't aware of before. Over at Samelia's Mum she is running an awesome giveaway for The Rivendale Collection which is open internationally. It would be such a treasure to walk away with this collection of patterns, I'm personally in love with "Raspberry Jam" and I believe that if I don't win... I'll be heading over to Bee Sew Whimsical to purchase it myself
So pop over and entry the draw... but make sure you pop back and let me know if you win

Much Love <3

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Red ♥

Today I received a parcel from Bronwyn and inside we have a pile of yellow and a pile of red... which completed our red collection... 

Top Left ~ David Textiles from Spotlight
Top Middle ~ Country Roads by Robyn Pandolph
Top Right ~ 635 Love Hearts Spots from the Henley Studio Make Over UK 100% cotton
Bottom Left ~ Red Feathers from Spotlight
Bottom Right ~ Unknown from Spotlight

Much Love 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Orange & Green

We've received all of our Orange & Greens for our rainbow swap, it's so exciting!!! 

Some people... like me :-) ... finished cutting and ended up with less squares than required so have provided two different fabrics to make up to the 58 5" charms required... {lesson learnt... ask participants to purchase MORE fabric}

So I now present to you the orange charms

Orange is my favourite colour so I'm totally loving all these options! 

Top Left ~ Unknown
Top Right ~ Unknown
Bottom Left ~ Woodgrain in Orange - Woodlands by Khristian A Howell for Anthology Fabrics
Bottom Right ~ DS Quilts Collection Fabric - Daisy Mae Striped Check, Orange 

And then... the Green!

It's going to be a tough pick as to which one of these I'll choose, I've recently become addicted to tiny roses ;-) 

Top Left ~ Flat Fats, Flutter By - Asst 3, MD-G-PC2-ASST3
Top Middle ~ Unknown
Top Right ~ Aubusson, Blender Vines, Green
Bottom Left ~ Unknown
Bottom Right ~ Sugar & Spice Range from Spotlight

Now to split these up into the little piles that will in turn create a rainbow

Much Love 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Destashing... BORING!!!

One of the problem in being a crafter is the stuff you accumulate and then never want to get rid of even though you know you won't use it again... BUT...  you might?!?! 

My problem is I've moved from craft to craft... a couple of times now... and I started getting rid of my stamping / paper craft supplies but now I'm getting to the part that are hard to sell... the individual pieces of paper, and ribbon, random stamp sets, bits and bobs... but I've made a deal with myself, IF I sell these off I'm going to spoil myself with material! And there is so many different fabrics that I NEED!!!!

So share with the tips of the trade in destashing :-D

Much Love 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Mr Postman

I've been receiving LOTS of mail lately, so much that when someone incorrectly addressed one of my packages the postman knew which house to deliver it too!!! He made note of it and asked if I received it today when he dropped of another package :-)

All of these wonderful packages are my rainbows :-D lots of different colours and lots of different patterns, I can't wait to share them all but for now I'm just going to provide an update on those I have received mail from, those names in the below table that are coloured means I've received your magical charms, those that are white must still be in the post or on the cutting table {like mine} so please make sure they are in the post to me by the 30th April 2012 so we can get these rainbows back to you ASAP.

Don't forget to enter my give away which can be found here  

Much Love  

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

QCA Handmade Swap

As mentioned previously I'm part of an Quilt Club Australia facebook group and we have a few swaps on the go, another one I am taking part in is the 
QCA Handmade Swaps which is a group of us quilters being assigned a secret swap partner, we then take note of what details they supplied in their entry form and create something homemade, we've been given a list of items to consider which include a table runner, placemats (x2), mug rugs (x2), dolls quilt (up to 24" square) pouches, bags, cushion cover (up to 16" square), sewing caddy, needle keeper & pincushion set, but really the list is endless.

So I've received the details of who I'm to create for and I can't tell you how excited I am! I've decided on what I'm making, just need to purchase MORE fabric as my stash isn't as plentiful as others :-) 

As I blog about my journey I can not tell you exactly what it is that I am making however I can give you clues, little snippets and of course the final picture once the items has been received.

Can't wait to start,

Much Love <3

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Baby Bunting

My littlest man turned 1 on the 12th, it was a day of firsts...

 First Birthday
 First Donut
 First Hair Cut

My god how fast time has gone, this time a year ago I was recovering from his arrival and having lots of new born snuggles

So for his first birthday I decided to create my first bunting 

I grabbed the template from Chick A Bug's blog which you can find HERE 

Picked a few fabrics that match his birthday invites and started cutting, I decided to work off her 7.75" pattern but to add 0.25" for a seam allowance. I've decided to make it slightly longer than I first thought so a trip to spot light was in order... 

After alot of cutting and sewing, I've created a couple of bunting that equal to 14 metres! However it is all one sided. Might stitch it together to make a double sized one now I'm not in a rush to meet a birthday party and put it in his bedroom... but that requires a quilt to match???

Friday, April 13, 2012

Rainbow Charm Swap FULL

I can't believe my first swap in full, we've gotten 26 share of the swap being cut as I type, some have been posted already, some have just been brought and others are still thinking about which fabric they wish to pick. Thank you so much to the ladies that have joined me on this journey and I can't wait to see what everyone has added to our rainbow collection

Much Love <3

Lots of Bugs Quilt

On Sunday I showed you the start of my Lots of Bugs quilt... I was getting there :-) I was quilt proud of my self, finished the front, then started the back after a quick trip to spotlight.

I also brought some batting and started to put it together, pinned it together 5" apart but have ended up with a bumpy back so I'm going to have to unpin and start batting again.

Quite proud of this little quilt... can't wait to finish it!

Much Love <3

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rainbow Charm Swap

After a quick tally we still have spaces for the following colours... get in quick if you wish to pick your own colour <3

1 x Red
1 x Pink
2 x Orange
2 x Yellow
1 x Blue
2 x Purple

Monday, April 9, 2012

Messy Minders ~ Wet Wipe Case

One of my previous hobby's included these wonderful little messy minders, they are a gorgeous container that are suited to hold wet wipes to help keep your little ones clean and tidy. Perfect for a whole range of other things too.

$16 each plus postage of $5 (Australia) or $7.95 (New Zealand)

Postage costs will cover 2 cases (wipes excluded) or 1 case (wipes included) for more cases please ask for a quote.

If you'd like to see the rest of my range check out their page

The Rainbow List

Just in case you haven't noticed, I've been updating the original post with the ever growing list for the rainbow swap, thought it was best to have "one list" than a number of them :-) we are aiming for 4 people per colour so if you'd like to join feel free to pick a colour or ask for one, even take two colours if you'd like a bigger collection of all these magical charms.

Much Love <3

Started ANOTHER Project

This cutting is getting addictive! Or perhaps it's more the fact I ran into a more challenging part on the quilt I was cutting the day before.

I started my sock monkey quilt and didn't quite have the fabric I needed so tried to use what I had in my stash but the matching solids just didn't do what I envisioned. Here's how I first placed it.

But decided that the bright solids are just TOO much. So I had a little play and came up with a few other options then posted them on our Facebook group Quilt Club Australia and I've decide to try this way...

Just need to work out HOW to do it so all my little squares line up.

And that is where I got up to on THAT one :-)

Last night I watched a you tube clip from Missouri Quilt Co which made me tear into my stash again.

So you can see after watching the other 3 parts I just had to try it. So out came the bug stash. I used 4 fat quarters and ended up with this...

Now for for a trip to spotlight to get some fabric to use as a border, the backing and batting *never done that part before so extremely nervous*

Wish me luck!

Much Love <3

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sharing is Caring...

I'm on a mission and I'm asking you all to help me... I need to fill the spaces in the Rainbow Charm Swap that's due to end in 22 days... and counting... so what I ask of you is...

To share my blog and the image for the swap (see below) to encourage others to join us, then provide a link below with where you've shared it (your blog, facebook page or forum etc) then once I've confirmed it you'll go in the draw to win these wonderful fat quarters. 

For the first and most important entry please share this image with a link to my blog

For a second entry to the draw become apart of our swap *those already part of the swap will also be included* 

For a third entry follow my blog

Please create separate comments for each entry, and you must complete step one to be able to complete the next two steps

Draw will take place on the 1st of May 2012, using

Don't forget... sharing is caring... <3 Much Love <3

Monday, April 2, 2012

Another Few Done!

I am so enjoying the Craftsy block of the month... I'm already looking for another one to start, two blocks a month just aren't enough :-) So share with me what you have joined online.

January Block 1

January Block 2

February Block 1

February Block 2

March Block 1