Monday, April 30, 2012

Fat Quarter Swap

I need to build variety in my stash... and you do too... tell your hubby that I said so ;-) it's all good :-) I promise

How many times have you popped down to your local quilting store only to see the same fabrics... day in day out... this can put a little downer on your mojo, and sometimes those fabrics can take AGES to change to something new and exciting that gives you back your sewing mojo. Let's put an end to that and create our own mojo building event.

This event is going to have two parts.

Part One is a fabric swap. Go out and purchase quality quilting material that is BOTH black and white, I don't want black, I don't want white, it needs to be a black and white print combined. No other colours. Small to medium sized designs / patterns are best as they allow more range in finished products.  Purchase as many options as you like, you can purchase either pre cut fat quarters, or half yard of each fabric {0.46 metres} and cut it in half and create two fat quarters {minimum of 18" x 21" rectangles, as per Fat Quarter Shop} PLEASE do not purchase more than four fat quarters of each fabric you wish to swap, this is to ensure we get as much variety as possible, as someone else might also purchase that same fabric.

One FQ from everyone that joins us will be put aside for the "Hidden Stash" {I will collect these} If you send in 5 fat quarters you will receive 4 fat quarters back, if you send in 12 you will receive 11 back. 

The FQs will be put into a pile and then I'll split them between those that have joined in. I will try and send you different FQs from the ones you've sent in however this is not guaranteed due to the random nature that they will be split up.

Part Two, this is where you showcase your fabric stash and share what your going to make, and make it

A draw will be done six weeks after the FQ Swap has been received in your precious little hands, you'll gain one entry into the draw to win the "hidden stash" for each step you cross off the list

1. Showcase your new Fat Quarters
2. Share what you are planning on using them in
3. Create something with them
4. Complete all THREE steps

All entries will be added to then the winner will be selected at random. 

Samples {if in doubt please double check}

Q & A Section

What size is a fat quarter?
18" x 21" rectangles, as per Fat Quarter Shop however if your FQs are slightly bigger that is okay, but please note any that are smaller than this will be send back to you without being swapped.

How many in this swap?
This swap is open to anyone that is interested, the more who sign up the bigger the variety of fabrics you'll receive, this is also true of the number of FQs you send in. International Swappers are also welcome!

What Fabric?
Your fabric must be of high quality quilting material, fabric that you in turn would like to receive. It MUST be BLACK AND WHITE, not navy, not brown but BLACK and WHITE combined.

How much fabric is required?
Minimum FQ swap is two, however that means you will only get ONE FQ back, the limit will only be dictated by how much you wish to pay for postage. You can get 6 precut FQ's {with the cardboard inset} for under 250grams. 500g satchels from AUSPOST are $7.20

What about the selvedge?
Your more than welcome to leave these on {it helps when the new owner goes to use it} but please do not include it in the measurements.

How long is sign up?
Sign up is possible right until the fabric is required to be sent. Please pop your FQs into the post by the 15th June 2012, received by me at the latest by 22nd June 2012

When will I get them back?
I will put them back in the post within a week. 

I am happy for everyone to pay postage directly to me and I will send them all via a plastic satchel {Parcel Post}, or you can send me a pre paid postage option for return post. 500g is $6.20 for Click and Send {registered post}

If I don't follow the rules what happens?
If your fabric arrives AFTER the 22nd June 2012 you will receive your fabric back without it being swapped.
If your fabric arrives and it is not quilting material you will receive your fabric back without it being swapped.
If your fabric is not black and white you will receive your fabric back without it being swapped.

Do you have a swap button?
Yes I do, please feel free to share it on your blog ~ URL for image is ~


  1. I'm in, are spotlight quiltings counting or shop only. :)
    sounds awesome can't wait.

  2. OK - you had better count me in! I just brought some white with black circle Robert K from the Fat Quarter Shop! I brought a yard - so will I get 4 FQ's out of that??????

  3. Woops I totally forgot to tell you that I sent 5FQs your way last Tuesday.