Monday, March 26, 2012

Learning Online

Since the class I was going to attend on Friday's has been postponed until June I decided to look around and see what I could find online to teach myself quilting, I came across the Craftsy website and found their "The Craftsy Block of the Month with Amy Gibson" class and decided to sign up, I mean who wouldn't being that the course is FREE!!!! They teach you a technique and then you make two blocks, you have the ability to watch and re-watch the video, take notes, ask questions and share you work.

So I sat down last night and watched the first lesson (January), started on what I thought would be an awesome block, unpicked it TWICE! and then decided to give it another go in the morning with an easier fabric. Now I don't know if it was my skill level or just that the block I tried to complete isn't designed to work with stripes but I don't recommend it :-)

This afternoon after cleaning the house *germ removal* and seeing to my middle son who was up with a tummy bug last night, I decided to try and tackle the block again... and look :-) I did it... I haven't completed the final step as I don't have a 12.5 inch square ruler so I think I'll leave all the blocks until the end to trim down to size.

Now off to start the second block for Janurary, wish me luck <3

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