Friday, March 16, 2012

Taking the Next Step

Well I started the next step tonight before I put ALL of the blocks together in my 1st Ever Quilt.

I created a quater of the blocks and started to cut them up, but then realised that the blocks aren't perfectly square (17") which means I need to trim them, however my cutting mat is only 17" wide which I thought wouldn't be a problem but the last one I cut (after I realised this problem) proved that I need a larger mat so I can try and create more of a perfect square by viewing the grid under the block so I can see what edges need trimming. I believe that involves another trip to spotlight. 

Thankfully I had only cut up 3 of the 9 blocks from the original pattern (crib size). The plan was to cut up the 9 blocks, place them out to see how things look and then start on the extra blocks to make it a queen sized quilt.

I couldn't help but place the three blocks I had cut onto the floor to see what kind of result I have to look forward too, what do you think?

Once I have more blocks cut I'll be able to space out the colours some more, I've used 10 different fabrics so that SHOULD (I hope) create more room.

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