Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Making Some Progress

I took on the second January block on Sunday evening, and finished it!!! I can't believe it, two in one day!!!

This one frustrated me with the vertical lines not "lining" up perhaps if I made them wider it wouldn't be so noticeably

Can't wait to get onto the next one... for now... happy quilting <3 

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  1. Just watched all of January and it was a bit slow for this experienced quilter. It would have helped if my internet was fast enough to play the video uninterrupted but heaps of loading/buffering breaks drew it out a bit. After looking at hers I'm not sure I want to do January's, but I'm keen to do February's this week. I have a tiny bit of embroidery on a height chart that's almost finished, and some cutting for a bed runner I designed this week so I'm going to jump on that now and watch the february one on Wed or Thurs & get right onto it :-) Promise to share!!