Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Time to Create

Well I've jumped in the quilting band wagon and decided finally start something I've wanted to do for so long. I started off last week by purchasing MY first sewing machine. I've had one in the past but the last one I owned was actually my ex-mother in laws and I don't even know if I got around to using it before handing it on to her now daughter in law (you still with me ;-) ) and before that I used my Mums and Step Mothers, that was about 14 years ago!!!

I started on a quilt kit last week and completed the top with a few errors, un picking twice, plaster required once, and a bad choice of fabric, it was meant to be for my son's bed, you know, blues and greens PERFECT... except it's covered in flowers and butterflies. Now I need to work out how to do the rest... but I'll leave that until I've completed some local classes and work out how to piece them all together without ruining it. 

Quilt of the Season by Creative Cuts
Blue & Green Brick

And since it no longer has a home I've decided to start on another... but which one?

I've fallen in love with these two fabric combinations

Sugar & Spice Textiles - Sock Monkey Range
plus some solid fabrics

This one will be for Oliver's First Bed, he's only 11 months so I've got plenty of time to create something.

Aubusson Range
plus some solid fabrics

This one I'd like to make into a queen sized quilt... home? TBA


  1. Look forward to seeing what you do with the Sock Monkey fabrics! That'll make a fabulous quilt for a little one. So bright and cheerful :)

    And yay for a sewing machine all your own! Very exciting :)

    1. Thanks Kristy, trying to find a suitable pattern... not to sure what to do with the bold solids v's the patterns... hoping a bit of blog hoping will help :-)