Sunday, April 15, 2012

Baby Bunting

My littlest man turned 1 on the 12th, it was a day of firsts...

 First Birthday
 First Donut
 First Hair Cut

My god how fast time has gone, this time a year ago I was recovering from his arrival and having lots of new born snuggles

So for his first birthday I decided to create my first bunting 

I grabbed the template from Chick A Bug's blog which you can find HERE 

Picked a few fabrics that match his birthday invites and started cutting, I decided to work off her 7.75" pattern but to add 0.25" for a seam allowance. I've decided to make it slightly longer than I first thought so a trip to spot light was in order... 

After alot of cutting and sewing, I've created a couple of bunting that equal to 14 metres! However it is all one sided. Might stitch it together to make a double sized one now I'm not in a rush to meet a birthday party and put it in his bedroom... but that requires a quilt to match???


  1. super sweet... I think i might have to give some bunting a go too... :)

    1. They are super easy and look great, I don't want to take mine down lol

  2. I love bunting and yours is just gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Liz, I'll pop by and check out your blog, thanks for stoping by <3

  3. Wow 14 metres is a really really really long bunting LOL. Mine turned out pretty long too. If I ever made it again, I'd sew it first and cut it out afterward (again) I found it really easy that way.
    Hey I've decided on fabric to use for my craftsy block of the month and I hope to start on January's either this week or next!
    Luv Cass

    1. How do you sew it first??? lol can't wait to see your creations for the Craftsy Block :-)