Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Orange & Green

We've received all of our Orange & Greens for our rainbow swap, it's so exciting!!! 

Some people... like me :-) ... finished cutting and ended up with less squares than required so have provided two different fabrics to make up to the 58 5" charms required... {lesson learnt... ask participants to purchase MORE fabric}

So I now present to you the orange charms

Orange is my favourite colour so I'm totally loving all these options! 

Top Left ~ Unknown
Top Right ~ Unknown
Bottom Left ~ Woodgrain in Orange - Woodlands by Khristian A Howell for Anthology Fabrics
Bottom Right ~ DS Quilts Collection Fabric - Daisy Mae Striped Check, Orange 

And then... the Green!

It's going to be a tough pick as to which one of these I'll choose, I've recently become addicted to tiny roses ;-) 

Top Left ~ Flat Fats, Flutter By - Asst 3, MD-G-PC2-ASST3
Top Middle ~ Unknown
Top Right ~ Aubusson, Blender Vines, Green
Bottom Left ~ Unknown
Bottom Right ~ Sugar & Spice Range from Spotlight

Now to split these up into the little piles that will in turn create a rainbow

Much Love 


  1. the green spot was bought at Spotlight and part of the Sugar and Spice range

  2. I really like rainbow swaps using stash. I should organize one shouldn't I?

    1. You could Ellie Mae :-) there is also another one going over on and another one starting soon on my blog for BLACK & WHITE Fat Quarters