Friday, April 20, 2012

Mr Postman

I've been receiving LOTS of mail lately, so much that when someone incorrectly addressed one of my packages the postman knew which house to deliver it too!!! He made note of it and asked if I received it today when he dropped of another package :-)

All of these wonderful packages are my rainbows :-D lots of different colours and lots of different patterns, I can't wait to share them all but for now I'm just going to provide an update on those I have received mail from, those names in the below table that are coloured means I've received your magical charms, those that are white must still be in the post or on the cutting table {like mine} so please make sure they are in the post to me by the 30th April 2012 so we can get these rainbows back to you ASAP.

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Much Love  


  1. LOL go postman pat! I'm excited, I'm looking forward to fabric in the mail!!!

  2. My post office man knows me very well too! Great that the swap is going well.