Monday, April 9, 2012

Started ANOTHER Project

This cutting is getting addictive! Or perhaps it's more the fact I ran into a more challenging part on the quilt I was cutting the day before.

I started my sock monkey quilt and didn't quite have the fabric I needed so tried to use what I had in my stash but the matching solids just didn't do what I envisioned. Here's how I first placed it.

But decided that the bright solids are just TOO much. So I had a little play and came up with a few other options then posted them on our Facebook group Quilt Club Australia and I've decide to try this way...

Just need to work out HOW to do it so all my little squares line up.

And that is where I got up to on THAT one :-)

Last night I watched a you tube clip from Missouri Quilt Co which made me tear into my stash again.

So you can see after watching the other 3 parts I just had to try it. So out came the bug stash. I used 4 fat quarters and ended up with this...

Now for for a trip to spotlight to get some fabric to use as a border, the backing and batting *never done that part before so extremely nervous*

Wish me luck!

Much Love <3

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  1. gorgeous bug quilt... i love it !